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Ski Vacation Rentals in Italy

Skiing in Italy is a fine and quite recommendable pursuit. Admittedly the ski resorts here are not as famous as those in Switzerland and Austria, but they have a charm of their own. Skiing in Italy is sure to be a memorable experience.

Italy’s ski resorts  are  a world-famous winter resorts that rival any other in Europe.  Cortina for Instance is magnificently situated in a sunny amphitheater, it is ringed by spectacular peaks, which rise nearly 2000 meters above the village.  Ski Resorts,  as the Bormio,  have been appreciated since the age of the ancient Romans. A complete relaxation between nature and sport: offers you thermal baths, the National Park Stelvio and its surroundings and a large and equipped skiing district.

Another beautiful ski resort in Italy us the Val Gardenia,  an area unlike any other. The Sella Ronda is an amazing circular network of lifts and trails taking you around the spectacular Gruppo Sella: a mighty limestone massif with villages scattered around it.

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