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Holidays in Tel Aviv

Confused by the variety of places to go out to in the city? here are some tips to get around in the telavivian nightlife
With so many options for a night out: culture, music, bars and restaurants,

With so many events and festivals held all year long and especially during the summer,
With so many people coming from all over the country and the world to enjoy what Tel Aviv has to offer,
No wonder they call it the city that never stops.

And the city indeed doesn’t stop. At any time of the day or night you can find people in the streets, spending their nightime on one of the city’s newest bars, or zipping quality coffee at the 24 hours Cafes.

You can choose from a wide selection of nigh time activities: Night menus at restaurants, Israeli music concerts at bars, Local and international DJs playing various kinds of music at one of the city’s mega clubs, or a nice stroll at the scenic Newe Tzedek or the hype Port.

Going out in Tel Aviv tips:

When: People in Tel Aviv go out anywhere between 8PM & 4 AM. Most restaurants are open until at least midnight, offering special night menus beginning at 11 PM. Local bars start the evening around 9 PM – if you arrive later to a popular bar it might take you a while to get in. Dance bars & Clubs be packed by 1 AM and all night long.
During the weekend (Thursdays – Saturdays) “out of towners” join the local & tourist crowd so be sure to arrive early or have reservations.

Age: Bars, clubs and dance bars usually check for ID. The entrance age changes according to the specific place or party, so check in advance.

Tipping: Since most waiters and bartenders live off tips only, it’s a customs to tip them generously. Either way – 12% is the official tipping rate.

Alcohol: Most bars and clubs offer a wide selection of alcohol, draft beers, vodka, whiskey and many cocktails. Israelis usually don’t drink as much as in other countries so you won’t find many drunk people on the streets 🙂

Where: Tel Aviv has several entertainment areas, each has it’s own atmosphere, people and customs. Each area will offer you the local bar, the local successful restaurant and usually a good place to listen to live music.

The main areas are:

A very hip neighborhood in the south of Tel Aviv with many young people, offers a wide selection of bars, cafes and restaurants all located close to the canter of the neighborhood on Florentin street. Located at the south of Tel Aviv, Florentin attracts mainly young crowd. The streets may not be the cleanest the city has to offer, but if you want to go out casually and meet nice people, that’s the place for you.
More information about florentin you can find here

Neve Tzedek:
Being the first Hebrew neighborhood in Tel Aviv ,this neighbourhood is a collection of small, historical & picturesque houses. It’s special nature has been recently discovered and today Newe Tzedek is the most stylish place to live in. Due to its layed-back nature, you can find small Cafes and Bars along the narrow streets. Europe in Tel Aviv.
For more information click here

The port:
Newly renovated, the port offers the ultimate night hang out – a stroll along the wooden boardwalk, a variety of bars and restaurants open late to accommodate those who choose to spend their time at one of the clubs.  The port is highly recommended for a night out during the weekends. During the week, some of the places offer parties thrown espcially for the tourist crowd.
More information here

Yad harutzim:
As you get southern part of the city, the venues become larger & louder. Yad Haruzim will offer you the city’s Mega bars & clubs, usually open at 12 AM and go on all night long. Being an industrial area, you can also find some of the finest restaurants.
More information here

Lilinblum & Nachlat Binyamin (Rothchild Quaters)
The Oldest nightlife area in the city – with every step you take you find your self standing in front of another bar. These streets offer you some of the drinking “institutes” – that has been there for decades and doesn’t seem to lose their hype. The perfect location for bar hoping.
More here

Dizengoff & Ben Yehuda
In two of the longest streets in the city, Seems like every weekend you have one more bar to check out. Most bars are small and designed to fit the neighbourhood residents, which means that around 11PM you can’t find a spare sit.

On the beach:
During the summer, the beach takes it’s spot as the center of life, tourists and locals come to enjoy the sun & water during the day the night & alcohol during the night. . The bars are spread on the beach front starting at the port and goes all the way to down to Jaffa.
More information here

So – what are you waiting for? Make your pick and .. Go out! And remember – don’t drink & drive.


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