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Tacheles closing

Nowhere captures the essence and energy of Berlin in the 90s as acutely as Tacheles does. It all started at the very start of the decade, just after the Berlin Wall fell, when a group of artists successfully saved the building – an erstwhile department store – from demolition. Despite resembling an architectural dog’s dinner, the old ruin was proved to be structurally sound and the artists set up a cultural centre and nightclub here. From that day forth Tacheles has been a ramshackle, graffiti-ed temple to art and booze… Go and worship!

This is a must see if you’re in Berlin, you’ll never see anything like it anywhere else. If you can afford it there’s some amazing art for purchase here, but mostly a unique cultural experience. Their website:
This space is exceptional and I hope truly that it’s importance and historical relevance is realized and the area preserved and not developed.

have a look at this blog about what is happening now in Berling regarding Tacheles